Wednesday, December 24, 2014

How Mosquito Racket works?


1. Power Supply
2. Oscillator
3. Transformer(Step-up)
4, Final mesh-nets

The circuit consists of a flyback topology transformer driven by a general NPN transistor 2SD965.

The feedback coil of transformer is of 10 turns, the primary is of 40 turns and the output or secondary coil is of 450 turns (40:450).

When this circuit is run by giving input of 3 Volts, the transformer generates about 2000-4000 volts at zero load, and the output is then coupled 3 times by using three IN4007 diodes and suitable capacitors, thus reaching our need of 5000-10,000 volts.

  The moment a mosquito or any bug comes in contact with the meshes, the stored high voltage in the capacitor discharges violently through the body of the entangled bug creating a big spark and electrocuting it instantly.


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