Monday, April 30, 2012

Very basics of Transistor-Interesting

What is Transistor?
         A Transistor is an electronic device that replaced the bulky and high power consuming devices called vaccum triodes.

      NPN-P type is sandwiched between n.

Construction of Transistor

          -One side of transister and always heavily doped and supplies charge carriers.
          -Middle region of the transistor.Lightly doped than other two.
         -Region situated opposite to emitter.Collects the charge carriers that cross the base region after emanating from the emitter.
Emitter Junction:
         -PN junction formed by the emitter and base.
Collector Junction:
         -PN junction formed by the collector and base.

Transistor Action:
       -Two depletion regions formed around collector and emitter.
       -No currents flows when there is no supply.

        -When two junctions are biased using external DC supply.

-It has 3 modes of operation.
  • Active
  • Saturation
  • Cut-off                                      
     NOTE: The explanation of the modes of operation will be posted soon.

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